Do You Feel Like A Drained Battery?


It Happened To Me!

Have you ever been working on your phone or iPad and suddenly it turned off — just flat ran out of battery right in the middle of what you were doing?! 

That happened to me today. I was so surprised, but I shouldn’t have been! There were warning signs: I distractedly blew by the 20% warning, the 10% warning, and even the warning telling me my phone was converting to power saving mode! I didn’t even remember seeing them… There I was, mid-sentence in an email, when BOOM! It just shut down.

fort collins chiropractor So I took it as a sign from the universe, plugged it into the charger, and stepped away to go about my day and do something apart from technology. But it got me thinking … How many times in life do we blow by warning signs our body is sending?

The Warning Signs

Just like our phones when they are running low on battery, our body sends us signals when we should pay attention to: Signs that we are tired, low on power, wearing out, feeling achy or painful. These things can all indicate underlying stress, tension, overload, or impending breakdown. How many times do we just keep pushing by to keep up with our “go, go, go” lifestyle, never stopping to really pay attention to these signals?

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How To Combat Your Body’s Drained Battery

Chiropractic works really well. It helps your body function better by tuning you up, taking away those aches and pains, and overall making your life more vibrant. I love that about chiropractic care.

Do you know what doesn’t work? Ignoring your body. Because if you don’t pay attention to your body, and you put off times to tuneup or recharge, then you find yourself with a drained battery. Once you hit that breakdown point, it takes a lot longer to get back to doing what you were doing. Chiropractic DOES help you when you hit that total meltdown failure and your body is depleted, drained and weary. It helps by taking the stress and strain of life off your nerves so that your body can rebuild, recharge, and heal piece by piece. 

But do you know when it works best? In a preventive nature. Chiropractic works great for tuneups along the way, as a periodic re-charger and stress buster.

Want to know the great news? We are here for you in EITHER case, or anywhere in the middle. Just remember that the further “drained” you are when you come in, the longer it will take you to “recharge”, get back to full strength, and get back to a vibrant life. 

We can’t tell you what to do… The choice is totally yours! And we will support you in either: whether you like those periodic checkups or a full overhaul upon total body breakdown. But we hope you’ll make lots of healthy choices in your day to day lifestyle to keep your body running smoothly for years to come. And we hope chiropractic adjustments are one of those great choices! 

Feeling Drained?

We want to help! If you feel like you need to recharge but don’t know where to start, click here to request an appointment, or give us a call at 970-232-9258. We will find out if we can help you live your best life!

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