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Dr. Melissa is joining us this week for another guest blog! She is sharing the top seven most frequent questions she is asked… And weighs in with her insights !

I love helping people understand chiropractic. Here are my top 7 most frequently asked questions, complete with answers and information for you!

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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a health science based on correcting interference in the nerve system. This interference is caused by physical, chemical, and emotional stresses. Specific, gentle chiropractic adjustments remove that interference so your body will function at its optimum potential. That means you will be the best you ever!

What is an adjustment?

Adjustments can be performed in various ways. In our office we do specific “thrusts” by hand which is called a “manual adjustment.” It is fast and non-painful. The purpose of the adjustment is to remove the interference on your nerve system and allow your body to heal and function better.

Will my adjustment hurt?

NO! We adjust people of all ages from newborns, to small children, pregnant women, right up to grandma and grandpa! The style of adjusting is tailored to each person – their history and their preference.

How many times do I have to come?

That’s easy – come as often as you want to heal, feel great, defy age, and live pain-free! Because each individual is unique on every level, it is difficult to know how many times you will need to be adjusted in order to reach each of your health and wellness goals. One thing is for sure – we will take your goals into account and will give you our best recommendations for care as we determine your care plan, frequency, and duration.

Will I feel better after getting adjusted?

Your care is unique to you. Likewise, how your body heals and responds is also unique. Most people are very happy with the results of chiropractic care. Many of them feel some improvement or some relief from pain almost immediately after an adjustment. It is also possible that the pain may require several adjustments to fade away. Rarely, people may experience a temporary increase in their symptoms before they start to get better. No matter what your course to recovery takes, you should know that beyond the removal of symptoms, chiropractic care offers an opportunity for much greater overall health.

What services do you offer?

We offer the most personalized supportive chiropractic care possible for all ages and a true community of practice members who care about their health and the well-being of those around them.

What if I feel fine? Do I need to keep coming back?

That is always up to you! The truth is that often times those who stop care when they “feel fine” often return later with the same problem. On the other hand, those that commit to regular care find their problem rarely returns; additionally, they enjoy a higher quality of life and health. If regular chiropractic care keeps you “feeling fine”, why would you choose to stop doing what’s working for you? It’s kind of like this: if your teeth feel fine, do you stop brushing them?

About Dr. Mel

Dr. Mel is one of the Chiropractors on the team with us at Peak Performance. She is passionate about improving the health of our Fort Collins’ community, one nerve system at a time. She knows the importance of an optimally functioning body; AND that a healthy nerve system is a great place to begin – in adults, kids, and babies alike!

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