Do you treat your body as well as your car?

Peak Performance ChiropracticFoods and DietDo you treat your body as well as your car?

peak perofrmance healthMost of us drive cars that run on “regular” octane fuel. We keep our eyes out for a deal on gas to save a few bucks, but at the end of the day, when you need it … you need it…. And you fuel up the tank so that you can get to work, the store, or the Rockies game this weekend. If you drive a premium car that requires a higher octane fuel, you are going to pony up for that extra fee to keep your car running smoothly. Now, I’m not saying your car wouldn’t run, but it would be pretty silly to spend an extra cash on a luxury car just to let the engine gunk up or start “knocking” because you didn’t want to pay for premium gas!

But what if they came out with a sort of “junk” gas that was substantially cheaper or more convenient than regular fuel. It contains contaminants, additives, and other junk that isn’t normally found in fuel. It still turns off the low fuel light like regular gas, but it doesn’t provide the proper energy for the car in the long run. Almost a “Fast-Food” version of gas. Over time, it was shown to deteriorate the fuel lines and engines of the cars. Over time, cars started having serious problems. They would need oil changes more often, visit the shop for strange problems owners weren’t used to dealing with. They would need replacement parts long before they should based on normal wear and tear. Would you opt for this new gas just because it saved you money or time right now? Or would you plan ahead to the future, especially if you wanted to keep your car for several years or more?

Isn’t this what we are deciding every time we make a decision about what we put into OUR bodies? Food is the “fuel” that keeps us running each day. It gives us the energy to interact with our loved ones, brainpower for school and work, energy to tend our garden, walk our dog, shovel our driveway, or play with our kids. Andpeak performance health ¬†unlike fuel for a car, food actually helps make up the building blocks of our very being – it gives the body the pieces needed to create hormones, blood cells, muscle tissue, antibodies, liver cells, or the children we conceive! What you eat LITERALLY becomes you. Once upon a time, everything we ate was full of nourishment and power. It was all, “organic” so to speak. Now, we must rummage through endless choices with scrutiny to figure out if what we are eating is really “food” and proper fuel for our body, or a man-made, processed, chemical-laden, pesticide-covered, strange concoction of ingredients or “food-like” substances. Sometimes it’s not as black and white as “vegetable” vs. “cookie”. There are gray areas, and confusing marketing tactics that mislead us. But at the end of the day, do we choose the correct “fuel grade” for our body as we would for our car? Or do we buy a substandard product to save money or time now because we know the future is so far away and we hope and pray it won’t affect our body negatively?

The unfortunate truth is, a lousy “fuel” WILL cause you to have more trips into the doctor, more subluxations, more disease, worse sleep, crappy mood, and more sickness. It will lead to faster body degeneration and aging. Most people don’t treat their body like a “regular car”, let alone a “premium car”. I would venture to say if we treated our bodies BETTER than we treated our cars, we would LOVE the outcome. Especially since we only get one body… and I know I want to keep mine far longer than I keep my next car!




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