Do you start your day positively? Here's help!

Peak Performance ChiropracticDo things better!Do you start your day positively? Here's help!

You have heard me talk about PMA before – Positive Mental Attitude. It’s one of the 6 pillars of health. Why is our attitude so important to our health? One thing we know for certain when it comes to neurology is this: positivity has a measurable, direct effect on health. People with a positive attitude heal faster, they get sick less often, and they cope with stress better. They have less long term and chronic disease, and when they do develop disease, they have better outcomes than their “glass half empty” counterparts.

Positive mental attitude …  it makes the good days better and the bad days not as bad. But what is it and how do we get more of it? Perhaps some of us are born with a tendency towards it. Perhaps some of us learn to be more optimistic as a child. But even if you’re not a very positive person now, that can change! So how do you develop a more positive mental attitude?

As with anything in life that you want to change, you must begin with awareness. Check in with your mental state. Are you grumpy most of the time? Or are you already positive through much of your day? Do you assume the worst or see the best in a situation? Once you know your starting point, you can figure out how and what you’d like to change.

Tips for a more positive mental attitude:

  1. Start with gratitude – Be thankful for what you already have
  2. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and start your day with some exercise – get the blood moving, mood elevated, lungs breathing. Hate morning workouts? Find time for yours over lunch or on the way home from work!
  3. Prep your morning the day ahead: pick out your clothes for the day, prep the coffee pot with coffee and water, gather items you will need for work or class – help yourself avoid last minute scrambling by preparing for success!
  4. Surround yourself with positive people – Misery loves company. Negative people bring us down. Surround yourself with other positive people so your positivity can rub off on each other!
  5. Eat regular meals, and be sure they incorporate good protein sources – Eating regularly with quality food fuels your body and helps you manage your blood sugar levels. This helps to avoid “hangry” (hungry+angry) feelings, as well as the moody highs and lows of sugar rushes and sugar crashes.
  6. Get adjusted by a Chiropractor regularly. Adjustments take stress off our nerve system and off the body, freeing up our capacity for enjoyment of life, and enhancing our function.

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7. Lastly, take a minute out of your busy morning to think about the day ahead. What are you looking forward to? I bet you’ll realize there’s more to love than you thought!


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