Do you push the SNOOZE button on your health alarm clock?

Peak Performance Chiropractic6 aspects of healthDo you push the SNOOZE button on your health alarm clock?

The snooze button… It’s common for people in our society to take full advantage of that little invention. Bonus sleep, or sleep that you can get after your initial alarm wakes you. Burying yourself back under the covers for just 10 more minutes of cozy slumber.

When I was younger, I was notorious for this. Bless my Dad for waking me countless mornings in high school after I had turned off my alarm, otherwise who knows how many tardies I would have accumulated …. And bless my poor roommate freshman year of college! I think she finally said something, but for the longest time she never complained despite my chronic snoozing.

Nowadays, I wake up and my mind starts racing with plans for the day. Somewhere along the way I lost my enchantment with the snooze button. I am a full blown morning person!

Let’s do this, Day!!!

But based on conversations I’ve had, I know it’s still a popular feature among many. I am not here to judge your sleeping and snoozing schedule, but rather to draw attention to whether you “snooze” when it comes to your health!

Don't snooze your health

Don’t snooze your health

Aches and pains, changes in your level of physical fitness, worsening digestion, fatigue, trouble sleeping, more frequent colds and sicknesses, decreased flexibility, and other things we write off as “getting older” are actually little signs and alarms from our bodies that our health is changing – and not for the better.

These signals can be easily ignored, gotten used to, or covered up with common over-the-counter concoctions. But these “solutions” are the snooze buttons of our health. And just like I discovered in high school, too many snoozes can become a problem. Being late for class is one thing, but postponing your health care is a whole different animal. You only get one body, so ignoring the hints and clues it’s sending you can have disastrous results and lead to irreparable damage. Don’t wait for a big scary diagnosis or disease to make positive changes.

So what can you do? Wake up to the signals your body is giving you. Do you need better sleep? To clean up your nutrition? Better hydration? Reduce your stress? Healthier hygiene habits? More movement, stretching and exercise? And of course, don’t forget that thing which controls it all: your nerve system! Subluxation of your nervous system weakens every process in the body. That’s where we come in. Getting your regular Chiropractic checkups and adjustments keeps your nervous system free to do what it was designed to do: run your body properly and keep it running smoothly for as long as possible!

Let’s do this, Body!

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