Do you eat in SEASON?


Eating in season… you’ve probably tried it, or heard of someone who likes to try to do this, or been to a trendy new restaurant that boasts a menu full of local, in-season delicacies.

The great part about focusing your meal planning around foods that are “in season” is taking advantage of foods that are fresher, and likely more natural. Think of the farmer’s markets you might browse over the course of spring, summer and fall, or the CSA you participated in last year: Their offerings vary and change as the seasons change. This is the natural order of things.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a luxury to live in a time where I can have an orange in the summer, or a mango in the winter… but it’s more likely that fruit has been flown in from several states (or countries) away! Think of the Palisade peaches you get every August… the best peaches you’ll taste, right!? Compare that to a peach grown in Columbia and picked prior to ripening so that it could make it to your local grocery store without spoiling. Vast difference in flavor, texture, taste… and probably nutritional value. It’s a health benefit to be able to eat foods that are grown more locally, and naturally occur in your area.

Check out this list of “seasonal” eats:

Seasonal Foods

Seasonal Foods

Print this out and tape it to your fridge! Or pin it to your favorite board! As you are shopping over the next year’s worth of seasons, keep some of these in mind! What on this list have you never tried? Pull out that new recipe you clipped and saved or posted to your Pinterest! Enjoy some foods in their peak of ripeness, and peak of season. Support your local growers when you can! Get creative! And most importantly, have fun and enjoy!

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