Do Children go to the Chiropractor?


Our office is an ebb and flow of patients of all ages.  So it’s very likely that when an adult new patient comes in for the first time, they will happen across an infant getting adjusted, a toddler running down the hall, or a family heading out after their wellness check.

Most of our practice members spend time here to invest in their future health, prevent disease, and continue feeling great as they enjoy a life with less subluxation; however, often a new patient will be coming into our office initially because they have a symptom or a pain of some kind.Unless they are familiar with Chiropractic wellness benefits, many of them inquire as to why a child would need to see a Chiropractor. When they see the pictures on our kid’s wall, they are even more perplexed. Do this many kids have headaches like me? “No!” we say with a smile, as we explain why kids get adjusted.

It’s fun to enlighten them about the amazing benefits of Chiropractic for practice members of ALL ages, especially kids. Here is an excellent graphic from the Well Adjusted Babies website that gives 10 undeniable reasons it is a smart idea for parents to take their child to the Chiropractor with them.


Do you have a child at home that you’ve been meaning to get checked? Or maybe one of these ten reasons reminded you of a little one in your life. Give them the gift of health and share this blog with them. Questions or concerns? Call and ask! We are happy to chat 🙂 970-232-9258


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