It’s been fun watching the world’s greatest athletes compete in the Olympics so far this weekend. I love seeing what mankind is capable of when they truly push themselves.

Commercials. Wow they frustrate me. Not because they interrupt the programming I’m watching, but because of the misleading information they propogate. Here is the scene: Watching swimming preliminary rounds. Commercial break. An assortment of glamorous, happy, sophisticated and successful people move across my TV screen. All of them are drinking diet coke. At the end of the commercial, the words STAY EXTRAORDINARY are burned into my vision. It feels like a slap in the face.

no-diet-sodaStay extraordinary? More like stay toxic. Stay unhealthy. Stay disillusioned. And stay ignorantly blissful about what you are putting into your body. The artificial sweetener used in diet coke is called aspartame. This chemical is a KNOWN neurotoxin. Meaning harmful to the system that controls every aspect of your body. Apparently not bad enough for the FDA to care. How much neurotoxin would you put into your body before you were worried about the effects? I vote for none.

Treat your body like an Olympian’s body. Provide it with nourishment, not poison.

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