cravings – what do they mean?

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As some of you know, I’m expecting our first child this June. Being pregnant has been a lot of fun. I mostly attribute feeling so great to the many rockstar adjustments Dr. B has given me so far over the past 6 months, combined with my excitement to meet this little guy or girl. I have also been doing a lot of reading, exercising and stretching, as well as trying to keep an extremely healthy diet. I had my first craving yesterday – cake! I could NOT get the idea of cake out of my head. I chugged water, ate a grapefruit, took a walk. Finally I broke down and made a small batch of cupcakes… I mean willpower will only take you so far, right?


This morning, I was browsing the Well Adjusted Babies website – I absolutely love Dr. Jennifer’s stuff. And wouldn’t you know — as so often happens when your attention and focus is on a particular topic and you attract things related to what is going on around you — I stumbled across her “Cravings Chart”. The reason I share this is because it is a great resource, not just for pregnancy, but ANYONE going through a food craving. Sometimes our body will “crave” a certain food, when really it is trying to say: “Help! I need more of ____ to do my job right!” If you think of your body like a well-functioning engine, you want to make sure you have all the right fluids and parts in place to keep it running correctly! Nutrients are like the brake fluids, oil, gas, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluids, transmission fluids, coolants, etc for our body!

Check out Dr. Floreani’s cravings chart here: Well Adjusted Babies – Cravings Chart … Who knows, maybe instead of chocolate, your body wants the magnesium from some nuts. I know the next time I’m craving cake, I’ll reach for the broccoli, grapes and kale! Mmmm … kale cake?! Just kidding 🙂


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