Common vs. Normal 1.0


Welcome to my “COMMON vs. NORMAL” posts. I’ve noticed an interesting trend…. I will hear things people say or think of as being “normal”, when reality what they mean to say is “common”. I’d like to share with you some examples of things that are thought of in our society as being normal that are in fact common, but not at all normal.

Common vs. Normal at the grocery store. You’ve all heard it – Shop the edges and avoid the center aisles for the best nutrition and quality food. This has a lot of validity to it – Foods found around the edges of the grocery store tend to be your fruits, vegetables and meats. Foods in the center aisles tend to be processed, full of chemicals, additives, food dyes, etc. But even though people know this wonderful bit of wisdom, it is rare for anyone to end up at the checkout without some of those products. I am not perfect, and there are some shopping trips where we grab some of these items as well. However, for the most part, our shopping trips end up being comprised mostly of fruits, vegetables and meats… especially compared to other types of products.

When we arrive at the checkout, it is not unheard of for someone… usually the checker… to make a comment such as “Wow, you are buying a lot of healthy stuff today”. What disturbs me is that this is somehow unusual. In fact, eating a natural food diet should be considered totally NORMAL. . . Healthful and ideal for your body, AKA a normal human diet. What is COMMON is that people eat a lot of junk and processed foods, so much so that people assume that this type of diet is now the “normal” diet.

I want to change the definition of normal so that people understand that COMMON need not be and in many cases is definitely not NORMAL. Are you brave enough to swim against the current and NOURISH your body instead of just FEEDING it to feel full or satisfied?

Eating the Edges, Fruit, Meat, Veggie

Eating the Edges: Fruit, Meat, Veggie!


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