Clingy, sick child?


As some of you know, I am fairly obsessed with how the human body works. The more I learn, the more I love it and the more I want to learn! Part of this is because I am so intrigued and in awe with how intelligently and wonderfully made we are. The body is so amazing. So when I stumbled upon yet another article about how a child’s immune system works, I was delighted and wanted to share.

A child needs closeness, comfort, and contact for optimal emotional, physical, psychological, and neurological well-being. This is even more true while the child’s immune system is fighting something off (“sick”, if you will). So, if your little one seems “clingy” the next time they are under the weather, remember that closeness to YOUR body enhances THEIR body’s ability to produce antibodies and regulate their body temperature to fight off that invader quickly and more efficiently. Just another way that parents and children work together as a team for optimal health!

Child's immune system

Looking for other ways to boost your child’s immune system and keep your family healthy? Chiropractic takes irritation and stress off the nervous system so that your little one’s body can function like it was designed to – intelligently and awesome-ly! Many people don’t realize how powerful Chiropractic check-ups can be for kids! Safe and gentle, more parents are realizing its value in their children’s development and overall function. Want more info? Check out some of these articles from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association HERE. Have questions or concerns? Thinking of getting you or a family member checked? Call us for more information or to schedule a FREE phone consultation. 970-232-9258


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