Chiropractor’s Spotlight on Nutrition: Immune System

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Can Food Be Medicine?

The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, once said: “Let food be thy medicine.”

That is pretty smart advice from someone who lived over 2,000 years ago! But what exactly did he mean?

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The Immune System

To function well and maintain a strong defense, your immune system requires the proper building blocks, or supplies, if you will. Your immune system is like your body’s built-in army AND pharmacist. And just like an army needs plenty of supplies for its soldiers and a pharmacist needs specific ingredients to formulate a specific medicine, so too does your immune system need specific ingredients to do its job well!

Your immune system is incredibly intelligent, knowing how to create billions of antibodies to fight off germs, viruses, bacterium, and other invaders. These antibodies are perfectly tailored to the specific invader, completely natural, and highly effective in keeping you safe. They are the strongest healing methods you can get your hands on – all for free, made by you, assuming your immune system is working well!

Imagine having a recipe book for over a billion recipes. And imagine needing all those ingredients on hand! Now you can see why a diverse, nutrient-dense, colorful and healthy diet is so important when it comes to staying well. It is also vital for helping you GET well if and when you do get sick. 

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Where Do You Start?

We recommend eating a diet full of fresh foods. Think of the perimeters of your traditional grocery stores – things without food labels! Include plenty of nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, fruits, and varied protein sources (ie: not JUST meat!) to provide you with wonderful materials to support your health. Variety is really the key! Because all foods contain different nutrients, micronutrients, and phytonutrients! And you want to give your body plenty of options for all those potential “recipes”. Sometimes this means branching out and trying new things…. And you might just find something you love, so don’t be scared to do just that!

There is even better news! Your immune system isn’t the only part of your body to benefit from a healthy, fresh, nutritious and colorful diet! Your body is literally created by and made up of what you eat. So every cell and system (including the master control: the nerve system) in your body will be healthier — and you’ll feel so much better — when you nourish your body with good, natural foods! 

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