Chiropractor’s Spotlight on Nutrition: Calcium

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Calcium – What To Know:

Calcium is a vital part of many bodily functions! We can’t produce it, so we have to eat it. It helps form and maintain healthy teeth and bones. It stabilizes our blood pressure, heartbeat, and our moods. It’s important for nerve transmission, muscle contractions, AND muscle relaxation. It’s also used for clotting blood.

What Happens If We Are Calcium Deficient?

Here are some of the potential symptoms:

  • Muscle cramping or spasm
  • Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability or Moodiness
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Brittle nails
  • High blood pressure
  • Dry or itchy skin

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Great Sources Of Calcium From Food:

  1. Collard greens
  2. Broccoli
  3. Broccoli rabe
  4. Kale
  5. Edamame
  6. Bok Choy
  7. Figs
  8. Oranges
  9. Sardines
  10. White beans
  11. Salmon
  12. Okra
  13. Tofu
  14. Almonds

Notice that dairy products don’t make the list! Are you surprised? It’s because, although milk has calcium in it, it’s not as absorbable as it is in all the foods listed above. This is one of the reasons dairy isn’t as popular as it used to be.

We always recommend getting your nutrients like calcium from great food sources. However, sometimes we still need more! That’s because our soils are less nutritious than they used to be, so our foods are too. Additionally, drinks like sodas that contain phosphorus use up some of our calcium stores. So when diet isn’t enough, we recommend supplementation. If you need help figuring out supplementation options, let us know!

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