Chiropractic for the whole family


Did you know we are trained to adjust people of all ages? Our doctorate training included extensive training for adults, plus an introduction on care for kids, which we enhanced by spending additional time in post-graduate studies for Chiropractic for the pediatric population as well as Chiropractic during pregnancy.

This training has been invaluable in helping to serve families in our practice. I was especially grateful for the easy access to care during my own pregnancy and birth, which looking back was a wonderful experience, no doubt in part due to the rockstar adjustments I received from Dr. Brian. Additionally, we have been able to check our son’s nerve system for irritation and interference regularly.

Adults often experience Chiropractic for the first time to BECOME healthier, while kids have the unique opportunity to start their nerve system health much earlier and STAY healthy (prevention at its finest!)

Family Chiropractors in Fort Collins

Want to know more? Check out this article about the top 10 reasons parents first bring their kids to see a Chiropractor. As well as information on our website. As we like to say, a family who gets adjusted together, stays WELL together!

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