Can't go?? What to know….


A constipated kiddo – Not fun to watch, right? It’s also hard when you’ve tried everything you can think of and just don’t know what else to do to help! I recently saw this picture in an ad for a variety of Enfamil baby formula, which aims to ease digestion issues, such as constipation.


I can’t speak to how well that product works, or what ingredient(s) they include to move the bowel contents along, but I can share with you what I know about the link between the nerves and your child’s poop!

Check out this diagram of the nerve flow from the spine, through the spinal joints, to the organs:

ANS chart

These nerves are the communication lines between the brain and the body. They send messages from the GI tract up to the brain, telling our control system when there is food and waste ready to be digested, absorbed, and moved along the GI tract. Then the brain sends messages down to the intestines and rectum, controlling how and when the movement occurs. This same message system is used to alert us when it is time to eliminate! Yup, that feeling that you have to go – it’s a neural pathway at work!

But what happens if your child eats something that is harder for him or her to digest? Or maybe your little one is a bit older and they just haven’t learned to handle that new snack food you tried this week. Maybe they are protesting and refuse to eat any fruits and veggies! And what happens when the child is learning to walk and he or she takes several bumps to the tailbone? A natural occurrence that happens all the time – but a prolonged, repetitive stress to the pelvis and lower back, nonetheless. Or maybe your child took a harder fall while outside playing. Lots of things can accumulate stress or SUBLUXATION onto those spinal joints and the nerves that branch out in the lower back. Then what happens? The communication lines between the intestines and the brain are still there… but the connection is a little fuzzy. It’s harder for communication to take place. The result? Stalled movement.

Want a better option than those expensive dietary products, bowel softeners or laxatives?

Have the nerve system checked!

WHY? Chiropractors can detect if there is nerve interference (subluxation), creating a compromise in the connection between the brain and the bowel. When this interference is present, the body has a harder time telling the brain it is time to poop, AND the brain has a harder time telling the bowels to GO!

Then what? We have been trained to give specific, gentle adjustments to the joints in the lower back and pelvis to remove the interference and allow the natural communication to come “back online”. Sometimes it takes a series of adjustments to remove all the stress on the nervous system. But other times, parents call us and exclaim in delight, “Little Johnny had a blow out on the car ride home!” (Bet that’s the only time you are happy to have a blowout!)

One last tidbit: These facts hold true for people of all ages – not just kids and babies! In fact, adults have additional years of wear and tear, stress, injury, and an increased likelihood to be on medications that cause constipation as a side effect (chemical stress). If you or a loved one is suffering from constipation, Chiropractic might help you find relief!

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