So why am I writing about a slow blowdryer on a chiropractic blog? Wait for it…..

When It All Began

So a month or two ago I was commenting to Brian how hot it seemed while getting ready one morning. He told me that it has been the most humid summer in Colorado since…. pretty much ever! So, as I started to blow dry my hair I thought back to how quickly this task could be accomplished when I first moved to Colorado. It was amazing at the time — coming from the humid midwest — where it took me nearly twice as long for the same task. But lately, the blow drying was taking longer. Too long with a toddler and an infant! So most mornings I had just been partially drying it, if at all. The increase in humidity theory seemed to explain why my hair has been taking longer to dry! I was pleased to have a plausible explanation and know that I wasn’t going crazy.
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Blocked Flow

Well, this morning I turn the blow dryer on and it sounded and smelled kind of funny. Now, keep in mind I’ve almost always had long hair and I’ve been blow drying my hair for many, many years. As those of you with a history of blow drying know, the blow dryer doesn’t last forever. It kind of just poops out one day. I assumed this was one of those times and I figured I’d be making a trip to Target this week to replace it. But I continued to use it and it didn’t spark, explode or burn out. It did, however, keep smelling weird – almost like a plastic burnt smell.
I turned it off and looked at the back area where there’s a little air filter on the intake. Sure enough – it was covered with dust! So I opened the filter and I took out all the dust. When I turned the blow dryer back on…. HOLY MOLY! I am serious when I say the air came out at least twice as strong and fast. I was done blow drying my hair in no time. I couldn’t believe it…
Now obviously the blow dryer had worked this exact same way when I first purchased it, but over time and little by little, dust and dirt started to accumulate on the filter. Slowly but surely the intake vent for air became more and more blocked. It was so gradual that I didn’t notice it. But the blow dryer was functioning insufficiently: the air came out slower and the drying capabilities were reduced. Once I remove the dust, it was back to its original state! I feel like I had a brand new blow dryer and I was thrilled.

Blocked Flow In OUR Bodies

Nervous system stress has the ability to creep up just the same way as dust can in a blow dryer. The difference is that when stress builds up on our nerves and body, the impact occurs in the function and reliability of our nerves and our body control. Blockage and interference to the nerves can impact anything that particular nerve controls!
The scary part is the gradual effect. A little assault here and there slowly accumulating on our systems, creating a big difference that we don’t notice over time – exactly like with my blow dryer. I didn’t notice a change each day – it took me months to see a difference in the function. Only when it was so bad that it was annoying me did I do anything to change the situation. So what ends up happening is that after several years or months with accumulated nerve stress, we don’t walk as well, we don’t digest as well, we don’t sleep as well, we don’t get over a cold as fast, we can’t bounce back from a busy week as fast, or maybe that little ache or pain has become a big pain but we don’t even notice how big it is because it happened so gradually.
Living a sub-par life becomes our new normal as the body adapts to the slow steady changes. Sometimes we even chalk this up to “getting older”.

How To Avoid This Sneaky Decline

Luckily there’s chiropractic. A chiropractor will do an examination of the body and nervous system to detect any build-up of stress on those nerves much like I investigated the blow dryer to find out if something was wrong with the filter.
Once a problematic area has been detected, the chiropractor can adjust that area and remove the stress. Sometimes this adjustment has dramatic results – like I saw with my blow dryer. I remember just a couple weeks ago I had a lot of first rib and neck pain due to breastfeeding, looking down at, and holding Mackenzie. Dr. Brian adjusted it and I had immediate relief. Other times, stresses have been present longer, or the injury is a lot worse, and it can take a series of adjustments to repair the issue and remove the stress and body’s memory of that stress.
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Life Without Blockage

Regardless of how quickly the benefits are achieved, the difference in function is undeniable and amazing. The end result? A better spring in your step, a better night’s sleep, less constipation, less pain, or just an easier and more comfortable day! When you look back to what you were enduring and compare it to how you could be feeling if the stress were gone, it’s always a little surprising you didn’t do it sooner.
That’s how I felt about my blow dryer – Why didn’t I clean that sooner? I know I’ll be checking it more frequently from now on! Ongoing maintenance to the dust on the filter would keep my blow dryer functioning OH SO WELL instead of just SO-SO! And the body responds the same. Regular, maintenance chiropractic helps you enjoy your body and enjoy your life instead of waiting for a slow, gradual problem to arise.
The good news is we offer free consults.  So if you have a question about how your body is functioning or you’re just not sure if chiropractic could help, we’re happy to answer those preliminary questions for you. We can dive in to find out how we might be able to improve your quality of life. If something as little as a better functioning blow dryer can make my day better, just imagine how much more amazing our days can be if our entire body functions better!

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