"Baby-Proof" your Health!


We have a very curious baby… and I love that! But it means a lot of baby-proofing has been required at our house. When some of my friends tell me they never really had to baby-proof their house I really can’t do anything except stare at them blankly. I literally do not understand their words. You mean your child doesn’t want to eat, taste, chew on, crawl into, climb onto, hurdle over, shimmy under, run away from, pull down, pull open, pull out, tear, crinkle, unroll, unwrap, slobber on, look into, rummage through, turn the knob of, wiggle, unfold, and otherwise explore everything in sight?

For example, I could turn around to wash my hands for 10 seconds and when I turn around again our son is chewing on the pointy end of a grilling tong. Whaaaat, how did you get that???? I absolutely adore his mind and how he wants to know the how, why and what about everything, but making the house safe involves a lot of items: plugs, drawer locks, caps, baby gates, cabinet locks, rearranging furniture, reorganizing the kitchen … anything you could think of – you name it, we probably have tried it. And at least now when I am hanging out with him I have some peace of mind and enough time to reheat my coffee in the microwave… for the 3rd time.

 Baby Proofing your health (2)Baby proofing is setting yourself up for success by preventing a disaster, injury, or negative outcome by planning ahead and taking precautions. It can save you stress in the long run! It’s a lot like prevention when it comes to your health. If you take precautions, plan ahead and make smart choices, you can prevent disease, injuries, and negative health outcomes as well! A very high percentage of ailments, disease, and health concerns are preventable. As a bonus, if you take care of your body now, you can then handle and deal with those things that arise that AREN’T preventable!

Health “proofing” and baby “proofing” have another thing in common: You get out of it what you put into it. For example, my family and I get adjusted at least once a week – Not because we are in pain or suffering, but because it is important to us to know our nerve systems are functioning at their best and that we are making a valuable investment in our future health by doing so. Just like baby proofing has helped give me the peace of mind to know that if my son is playing with a toy in the living room, I can start a load of laundry in the next room without having a panic attack that he is going to be hurt by the time I get back to him 30 seconds later.

So how can you take care of yourself and “baby proof” your health for best possible outcomes? Try some of these smart decisions as a starting point:

  1. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and clean protein – organic if you are able!
  2. Hydrate well and often!
  3. Keep up with your weekly Chiropractic adjustments!
  4. Meditate, pray, or spend time in positive reflection and mindfulness!
  5. Consider what you are grateful for every day!
  6. Go to bed at a reasonable hour!
  7. Exercise, move, groove, dance, run, walk – whatever you like to do – but get those muscles working!
  8. Avoid toxins like smoking, overuse of medication, overuse of alcohol, harsh cleaners, added sugar, etc!
  9. Avoid sitting all day!
  10. Check your daily life and habits for stresses or habits you can change!
  11. Spend time outdoors!
  12. Spend time with loved ones!

Taking time for items such as the ones in this list gives you the best chance to be an as-healthy version, or even healthier version, of yourself in 10, 20, or more years down the line!

When our son first became mobile, I’ll be the first to admit, I was a little overwhelmed. There were some nights I was so exhausted, I wanted to go to bed at 8:00 with him, just to be ready for the next day! But I’ve grown to appreciate his energy and zest for life… (and I can keep up with him now!) Making smart choices when it comes to your health IS JUST LIKE THIS! When you start analyzing your health, decisions and activities, and adding in better choices, it can be overwhelming! You will get frustrated, tired, and maybe want to quit. But don’t! Because after days, weeks, months, and years of healthier choices, you will not only become accustomed to it, but you will enjoy it! You will like the changes you see and feel in yourself. And you will appreciate all your hard work and effort! Most importantly, your future self will be SO GLAD you took the time!

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