20 Affirmations for Mental Strength

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So you’ve heard me talk about Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) as an important part of health. What are some ways to make this an easier part of your life?

Mental strength takes a whole different discipline than physical strength. But just like working out your muscles, you can “exercise” your mind and improve your mental fortitude. Affirmations are a form of training for your mind. You can wire or remind your brain about the types of things you want to think, or attitudes you hold, simply by saying them aloud.

Check out these affirmations that will get your mind right and set up your day for a more positive experience:

  1. I can and I will
  2. I move on; I don’t waste time in the past or feeling sorry for myself
  3. I stay in control; I don’t give away my power
  4. I embrace change and welcome challenges
  5. I stay happy because I let go what I can’t control and I don’t complain
  6. Today I will be kind, fair, and unafraid to speak up
  7. I take calculated risk, not random risks
  8. I invest my energy in the present moment
  9. I accept full responsibility for the past and I learn from my mistakes
  10. I celebrate others’ successes without jealousy
  11. I am willing to fail, because failure is simply a chance to improve
  12. I enjoy my time alone
  13. I am prepared to work and succeed on merit; the world owes me nothing
  14. I have staying power because results are not immediate
  15. I frequently evaluate and review my core beliefs
  16. I expend mental energy wisely and avoid unproductive thoughts
  17. I will replace negative thoughts with productive thoughts
  18. I know that any steps I take towards my goal today are moving me in the right direction
  19. I understand and tolerate discomfort and accept my feelings without being controlled by them
  20. I will reflect on my progress every day: Where am I going? What have I achieved?

Never tried affirmations?

Choose your favorites from the list above (or modify and make them your own!) and tape them to your mirror. Read them out loud while you get ready in the morning. Or say them to yourself on your daily walk, or even in the shower! They are written in the first person by design: As you read them, your body hears the affirmative remark as it relates to YOU. The goal is to purposefully direct your thoughts in positive, strong ways that will help you succeed and have a great day!

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