Add Some Citrus Zest To Your Cleaning Routine!

Peak Performance ChiropracticDo things better!Add Some Citrus Zest To Your Cleaning Routine!

Nikki is back this week for another guest blog! She is sharing her amazing DIY recipe for non-toxic citrus dusting spray. With all the caustic, toxic cleaning supplies that dominate the market, this one will save your lungs while giving your house a fresh smelling makeover!

The Road To This Recipe

I started professionally cleaning houses in 2009 and I used some pretty strong and toxic stuff. When I started getting chemical burns, skin irritation and problems with my respiratory system, I knew I needed to make a change. If I was getting sick from using it, what effect would it have on my clients?

I was worried that making the change to non-toxic cleaning products would mean a reduction in quality, but I was wrong! Here is one of my favorite recipes of the several cleaning products I made:

Citrus Dusting Spray

1. 1 cup of distilled water
2. ¼ cup of vinegar (this is to cut through grease and grime — AND it is a natural disinfectant)
3. 2 tsp of olive oil (protects wood and leaves you with a nice shine!)
4. 10-15 drops of DoTerra lemon essential oil (leaves you with a fresh scent and has antibacterial and antifungal properties)
5. Spray bottle (I use an amber glass spray bottle, this way the essential oils cannot be damaged by sunlight. If essential oils are stored properly, they can last for a very long time!)

fort collins essential oil recipes

What To Expect

This non-toxic dusting spray will leave your home smelling fresh. Your furniture will have a beautiful shine. And the best part?! You now know exactly what you are putting in your home, and won’t have to worry about harmful side effects of chemicals.

Fun fact: Lemon Essential oil is extracted by being cold-pressed from the rind. It requires 3,000 lemons to produce a kilo of oil!

About Nikki

Nikki Demars is the Chiropractic Assistant at Peak Performance. She loves to help others find ways to improve their health, remove toxins, and lead safer, less stressful lives.

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