Meet Kudzai

KudzaiKudzai was born in Zimbabwe and moved here with his family at age five. He was raised in Fort Collins and went to Rocky Mountain High School! He then attended College America, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. He enjoys playing soccer and all the outdoor opportunities and activities that northern Colorado has to offer. Kudzai was first introduced to Chiropractic when he applied for the Chiropractic Assistant position at Peak Performance. He has been steadily learning and discovering all the great benefits of chiropractic through his experiences here.

Kudzai shows up every day with a smile on his face to help our current and future practice members navigate and enhance their health and wellness.

My Mission

“My mission is to make a difference. One thing I have realized as I have gotten older is that making a difference can be done in big splashy ways, but more often it is in the little day-to-day parts of life. On any given day at Peak Performance, we have the opportunity to improve a person’s day; the day they come in could be the day they decide to make lifestyle changes that will add 20 amazing years to their life! So I’m excited every day to come to Peak Performance, and do the small things that will add up and make our office a highlight to our practice members’ days. Through doing this, my overall mission is achieved. We make a difference in individual lives on the way to improving our community!”