Meet Dr. Jenn

JennMeet Dr. Jenn

Dr. Jenn Rohrick, a native of Northville, MI, studied at the University of Michigan and earned a degree in Kinesiology. During her weekends in Ann Arbor, she did not miss a single Wolverines home football game, enjoying front row seats her senior year! Dr. Jenn realized she wanted to become a chiropractor after suffering from a knee injury while playing soccer in high school. After a series of doctors told her she needed surgery, she went to a chiropractor who helped her rehabilitate the knee and stay away from the surgical knife! Her chiropractor was a female doctor and it was the first time Jenn realized a woman could excel at such a physical job. Dr. Jenn was sold and wanted to devote her life to helping as many people as possible achieve their health goals.

Dr. Jenn went on to study at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO where she received both a degree in Life Science as well as her Doctorate in Chiropractic (D.C.). After her years in St. Louis, Dr. Jenn went to work as a vacation coverage doctor in Michigan. During her years in Michigan she was able to see many clinics and enjoyed helping such a range of people.

Post-graduate, Dr. Jenn completed the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s Coursework and Certification Program, and is proud to be Certified from the Academy of Family Practice in pediatric chiropractic care. She also holds her Webster Technique certification for prenatal chiropractic care.

Her joy is helping each person and family she meets to achieve their personal level of peak physical performance and level of health.

My Mission

“When I found out that kids born today are the first generation in human history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, I felt a nagging sadness. Our country spends more than ANY other country on healthcare, yet we rank 37th in health status (according to the World Health Organization). Rates of cancer, autoimmune disease, Autism, and sickness continue to rise, despite our dollars spent on healthcare. We need to make a change, so that future generations can thrive, not struggle. Chiropractic is a piece of that puzzle. I am passionate about helping families take ownership of their health, making positive health choices, and upgrading their expectations for their enjoyment of life. I love spending time with kids and families at Peak Performance, taking stress of their nervous systems, allowing their bodies to stay healthier, and helping them find ways to elevate their function beyond the status quo. Chiropractic has given me the opportunity to see tiny daily miracles in my little corner of the world. It is my dream that our office has a ripple effect, touching lives of those around us and inspiring others to invest small amounts in their health now, to reap big dividends later. I can’t wait to meet your family and see how chiropractic can help you, too!”

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