7 Tips to Maximize Your Health this Spring!

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1. Add in a probiotic to restore the balance of your gut bacteria.

The so-called “good” bacteria you may have heard about is in fact naturally found in high-fiber foods such as veggies, sauerkraut, or kefir. Through supplementing with these “good” bacteria, we are able to increase the amount of beneficial flora in relation to the harmful kind we have in our gut.

Whether you are sick or just experiencing normal levels of stress, selecting the right kind of potency (based on your health and current diet) for your probiotics will help you ensure your supplementation is both safe and effective. Next

time you are in the office, ask us and we can help you choose supplements, all of which have no synthetic ingredients.

No doubt one of the largest components of our health is our nutrition. Research has shown that recording what we eat can help us better self-monitor and stick to habits we are trying to create.

Peak Performance Fort Collins Chiropractic Wellness Spring Tips

2. Write down what you eat for 7 days.

For one week, right down what you eat, including as much as you can about serving sizes. Then consider looking back and examining how many vegetables you are actually eating, the amount of snacks you have each day (and whether that’s a positive or negative choice), and how much variety and actual nutrients you are obtaining! If you’re anything like many of us, you might be a bit surprised by serving sizes in relation to calories/macronutrients, how impulsive we might be at times when it comes to food and drink choices, or even some triggers you may have that are combating your positive habit-formation.

3. Turn to a massage.

We’ve heard the benefits of getting a massage beyond stress relief: pain relief and prevention, increased mobility for athletes, and aiding us to flush our bodily toxins, among other benefits. If that’s not enough reason to schedule a massage, know that massage therapy actually releases endorphins, and it can even boost our immunity. For more on the mental and the physical benefits to our health and wellness, read our blog on 12 ways massage does a body good here.

4. Plan and prep a few more meals.

Cooking ahead, packing lunch or prepping some quick-and-easy snacks we can easily grab and eat, can actually help us make many healthier choices throughout the week…And those healthy choices we will see quickly add up in our nutrition journals.

For people with certain specialty diets (Paleo, Gluten-Free, dairy-free, low carb etc.), this can become almost second nature so that they have food on-hand that fits these dietary requirements. This way, anytime they become hungry, they make positive choices, but they still can get food in a convenient manner.

Consider taking time on your day off to plan what you might eat this week. It doesn’t have to be a strict schedule, but planning ahead can help you incorporate more of the kinds of foods you are aiming for. During the summer months, if you’re like us, that might mean food from your garden, or maybe that’s better utilizing some of the veggies you have sitting in your fridge.

When we take just a bit of time to prepare our meals ahead of time, we are much more likely to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies, and we’re also more likely to stay on track with any nutrition goals. (Hey, you might also save some money in the process, too!)

5. Practice mindful meditation.  

Our health isn’t just about the physical: meditating has been shown to foster our connectivity with others and it improves our emotional intelligence. There are many ways you can choose to approach meditation, but one thing is clear: it’s been shown to effectively reduce our stress and anxiety. No matter your approach, aim to start with 3 to 5 minutes to be still, quiet, and let your mind rest.

6. Visit your Chiropractor.

The reality is that even a small misalignment or imbalance can result in major health issues. Chronic pain or injury is NOT the only reason to see us! Being sedentary at work, seeking optimal athletic performance, looking to boost your immune system, headaches, unusual soreness, digestive issues, range of motion/mobility issues, fatigue or trouble sleeping—these are just a few reasons why people visit a Chiropractor!

Keep in mind that chiropractic is also for prevention: those who are seeking optimal wellness also come in to see us regularly to remove the interference that builds up in our bodies. So if you’re looking for better sleep, optimal metabolism, increased range of motion and reduced spinal stress…come on in!

7. Set a “reverse” alarm clock. 

Wake up each day with an alarm clock? Consider better structuring your schedule each day by implementing an alarm that goes off during the evening. Whenever the alarm goes off, it can serve as a reminder that it’s time to stop whatever you are doing and head to bed.

Whether that’s TV time, putting away the work, or something else, consciously reminding ourselves that it’s time to “shut down” can result in more shut-eye time for us and the family. Routines set up this way also act as a bit of predictability, not to mention they help our body function optimally. In turn, a bit of routine in our often-chaotic world can save us time and also reduce our stress.

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