6 Facets of Health for the New Year – Part 6: Nerve System!


So, you guessed it – I saved the best for last! The nervous system! You might be thinking, how can she choose a favorite facet out of the 6 facets of better health? I think you might agree when you see where I’m coming from.

Remember how you’ve heard that the nerve system is the system that controls EVERYTHING in your body? It’s important to have that system functioning as smoothly as possible so that your body can do the same! Check this out:

If you are going on a trip with your family and taking a flight to get there, you rely on some well trained people to get you there safely: The flight attendants, the pilots, the ground grew, and the workers in the airport control tower. You hope that they take their jobs seriously and show up each day alert, excited, focused and with their A game in mind to get you and your loved ones from point A to point B safe and sound. Now, what happens if those important players come to work hungover, sick, tired, stressed, medicated, and/or unfocused?! Do you have the same trust and confidence in their abilities? Can airport control communicate as well to and from the pilots if they are both in a stressed or negative state?

The same is true of our nerve system. Though the players are different – the brain, brainstem, spine, and nerves – we want them to be on their “A-Game” to bring us the best possible day possible. Stresses, worry, posture, diet, sleep, lifestyle, medications, and all those other negative thoughts, traumas and toxins that can exist in our world bog down the nervous system. This makes our day harder, because we are literally working off a sub-par system. Left there long-term, these stressors will cause permanent changes, degeneration and dis-ease processes in our body.

People often tell me the little stresses in their life aren’t a big deal. For example, their job sucks, but they don’t care. Or they got into a car accident, but it was a “minor” fender bender. Or when we discuss their diet and medications, they shrug as they tell me the only medication they are on is an allergy medication they’ve taken daily for 6 years. Or they “only” eat fast food twice per week. Or when we discuss their childhood falls, they say “well, there was nothing too unusual that happened”. The dangerous thing about these tiny little stressors that we pass off as normal life: THEY ADD UP! I agree that a 10-car pile up, or the death of a loved one, or eating a cup full of poison is worse than falling off your bike, or getting into a fight with your sister, or eating at Taco Bell once last week, but the additive effect of 10 falls off your bike, ten fights with your loved ones, or several processed meals can create the same long term trauma and stress on your spine as those larger stressors.

So to what degree can your body adapt to these little stresses? Your body is amazing, and it CAN adapt – but not forever.

What happens if, as a child, you eat a sugary snack one night before bed and you decide you don’t want to brush your teeth? No big deal right? Your parents will probably make sure you brush your teeth the next morning. But what happens if you eat candy and ice cream and other sugary snacks EVERY night before bed? And you don’t get regular dental checkups? And you never brush your teeth?! And you continue this trend into adulthood. Will you be so shocked when sometime in your 20s, 30s, or 40s you get a toothache? And will you be shocked if you go to your first Dentist appointment at this age and find out that you have a cavity … or several cavities?

The nervous system works the same way. The little bitty stresses (mixed in with large stresses) start to wreak havoc on our spines, our brains, our nerves. Many families choose to get regular Chiropractic check-ups for themselves AND their kids. The awesome thing about this health habit – you are guarding and preventing against that “sudden” onset of irritable bowel syndrome your 30’s, or that “surprising” disc rupture in your 20’s, or the day you “wake up in your 40’s” with high blood pressure and accelerated degeneration of the bones in your neck. It is literally as important as brushing your teeth and getting regular dental checkups. Sadly, many people wait until their body is in crisis mode – meaning it has reached the point that it can no longer adapt and is in pain, or showing other significant symptoms. We can still help at this point, but it will take some work! So, what if we changed the next generation so that they didn’t have to come to their first Chiropractic in their 40’s, full of “cavities” and needing tons of work and intensive care?! If we could start seeing them younger we could prevent these issues and keep them healthier for longer, fuller lives!

Family wellness is our passion at Peak Performance Chiropractic. We believe we were put on this earth to help educate families to improve the health of the current generation AND to make sure the next generation of spines starts healthy and stays healthy longer. The result? A healthier, happier, more productive community for years to come. A family that gets adjusted together stays healthy together longer 🙂

Happy New Year!

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