4 Ways To Improve Your Health


There is a list a million things long you can, should, or might do to invest into better health. But what if I could break it down for you into just FOUR categories that, if you focused on, could legitimately make the BEST improvements to your health? Read on…chiropractors and health

How Does Health Happen?

Health is a series of choices, events, habits and actions. There are some genetic and environmental factors thrown in, but the bottom line is… you have some control over your health. And I think that’s GREAT news! Why? Because if you DON’T like where you’re at… you can make a change!

The Four Best Ways To Improve Health

1. Sleep
Sleep is so vital to our bodily refreshment, cellular regeneration, healing, and brain health. As a mom of two little kids, I’ve also learned the hard way that sleep is EXTREMELY important for things like patience, mood, and handling stress. But that’s probably an entire different blog topic…
Sleep is where our body and brain sort out and bounce back from whatever happened during our day. Our joints and discs rehydrate. Our cells, tissues and organs receive nourishment. Our minds are allowed rest. Our muscles grow and recover. Our immune system thrives. Sleep is also where our bodies and brains prepare for the day ahead. Sleep is a vital, built in reboot for our system.
So how can you improve your health with sleep? Make sure you’re getting enough! Whether that means going to bed earlier, or making your sleeping environment more comfortable, or scheduling some chiropractic adjustments to ensure better quality sleep and balance of your nerve system, there are many things you can do to improve your sleep. And in improving your sleep, your health will show gains as well!
2. Activity
Activity can refer to exercise, motion, movement of our muscles, joints and bodies. It also refers to brain activity! Using your brain, thinking, challenging yourself. Exercise and movement doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or running 5 miles – although those are great choices if you like them! It can be walking with a friend, parking further away from the store, taking the stairs, playing outside with your kids, taking the dog for an extra walk, getting out there and doing some yard work, stretching for 15 minutes to work on flexibility, going on that hike you’ve been wanting to try, popping in a yoga DVD, standing instead of sitting, dusting off your bike and taking a ride. There are tons of ways you can challenge your body. Challenging your brain naturally occurs when you try a new physical activity. You can also challenge and inspire your brain with puzzles, travel, reading, art, or talking to new people.
This is a broad category. But it means there are SO many options for you to improve your health using activity. What if you spent 15-30 minutes each day with a NEW or DIFFERENT physical and/or mental activity. Imagine all the benefits you’d reap from inciting new neural connections and activating muscles that have been unused for months or years!
3. Nutrition
Nutrition is another broad category and there are MANY improvements you could focus on. What if you drank more water? Less coffee? Less alcohol? What if you gave up sugar for 30 days? Or what if you just cut your sugar intake in half? What if you ate more vegetables? Maybe you could add in supplementation to cover nutritional gaps in your diet. Maybe you could eat less grain. What if you tried new recipes and challenged yourself to avoid processed foods? What if you gave up your weekly fast food run?
Nutrition is so intertwined with physical AND mental health, because what we eat LITERALLY gives our body the building blocks and fuel for all the functions and processes going on inside our body. How would your car perform if you put the wrong fuel into the gas tank? What would a diesel truck do if you fed it unleaded? When we don’t give our bodies the right building blocks and fuels to function our best, or if we bog it down with chemicals and processed ingredients, our health suffers. We feel lethargic, uninspired, moody, or even sick.
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4. Stress
Ahhh, the big “S” word! Stress comes in SO many forms! Mental stress, emotional stress, environmental stress, and physical stress are the main sources. Some stresses can be reduced, eliminated and avoided. This is where self-reflection and life analysis become important. What stresses can you eliminate or change from your life?
Removing effects of stress is the other way to combat stress. This means spending more time in prayer, gratitude and meditation. Getting adjusted – to take the effects of stress off your nerve system. Not surprisingly, your quality and level of the above three – sleep, activity, and nutrition – also impact how stress takes a toll on you. So if you’re feeling the unwanted effects of stress, get moving, clean up your diet, sleep better, and don’t forget your adjustments!

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