4 Ways To Avoid Resolution Burn-Out

Peak Performance ChiropracticDo things better!4 Ways To Avoid Resolution Burn-Out

The new year brings with it a fresh perspective. Starting “new” and “fresh” is the inspiration behind many goals, resolutions, promises and hopes that this year will be the best yet.

Sadly, many resolutions get left behind… often even before January is over. I am a BIG fan of goal-setting and planning… But I remind myself of a few things each year, and I think they will help you think about your resolutions in a new frame of mind as well:

  1. Goals need to be realistic and attainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting a goal that’s too tough, unachievable, or unrealistic. What is a realistic goal based on your time, resources, and current state? Breaking your goal or resolution into chunks or mini-goals can create helpful set points to get you through the year, ensure your goal is attainable, and help you reach your bigger goal. For example: Let’s say you got a new Fitbit for Christmas. Your new goal is to walk 12,000 steps a day, but currently you average about 6,000. Don’t try to walk 12,000 every day right away! You don’t currently have habits in place to make this a part of your current schedule and lifestyle. You might wake up sore for the first week and burn out. Or you might easily slide back into your old habits because you set a goal that was too ambitious, relying on motivation and excitement instead of truly making changes to your daily habits. Instead, give yourself mini-goals to increase your number of steps by 500 per month. This will give you room to improve your fitness gradually. You will learn ways to get a few more steps than you are used to – an evening walk, a morning jog, parking further away from the building, etc. You will be rejuvenated in your goal each month as you achieve your mini goals and work towards your bigger goal. At the end of the year, after your gradual increases each month… you’ve hit your mark!
  2. You don’t need a special day to set a goal or resolution. “New Year’s Resolutions” have a nice ring to them… but really, you can set a goal anytime! Set a goal just because! Or because it’s Monday! Or because it’s the first day of Spring! Or, you can set monthly goals… quarterly goals… etc. You don’t need to feel boxed into the hoopla that accompanies the start of a new calendar year. Your year can start whenever! And your term need not be a year! It could be a week — or 5 years! It IS important to check in on your goals and your progress, though, so you don’t lose sight of the end result. Keep your goals handy – on the mirror, written on a card you use as a bookmark, or in your wallet!
  3. It’s okay to CHANGE your goal! Sometimes, experience teaches us that our initial idea wasn’t what is best for us. And that’s okay!! Changing your goal doesn’t mean you failed: It simply means you adapted based on new information! It’s important we keep the spirit of the goal in mind more than the specifics of the goal. Here’s a silly example to explain my point: You want to incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods and fresh fruit in your diet, so you pledge to eat a pineapple every week. But time goes by and the pineapples are sold out one week, or crazy expensive in the off season, or you get sick of pineapple. It’s okay to change this goal. Maybe you learned that a better goal for who you are now is to incorporate a variety of fresh, seasonal, and/or local fruits into your diet. The goal changed, but the spirit of the goal – eating healthier – is still on point! That’s a win!
  4. The reason resolutions are so appealing is because fresh starts feel GOOD! So give yourself permission to start fresh ANYTIME. Did you wake up and finally feel ready to clean the basement? DO IT! If you want to commit to better fitness in August – DO IT! If you want to eat healthier starting March 1st – That’s great! Is the stress and busy schedule of the holidays over and you are ready to start getting regular adjustments? We are ready for you! Checking in with yourself periodically throughout the year will help you recognize when it’s time to make a change. Set an alert in your calendar for a few times each year to sit down and analyze how things are going in your life, and if there’s something you want to “freshen up!”

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love, dr jenn