13 Things Happy People Do Differently

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Happy People

I stumbled across an article that summarized twelve habits that happy people do differently in their lives. The article was part of a tribute to Stephen Covey, and many of the ideas were taken from his writings. You might recognize him as the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, as well as various other mindset and success-oriented books.

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Do You Consciously Incorporate Efforts Towards Happiness Into Your Day?

I am sharing the list I found with you and adding a 13th habit. Can you guess what I’m thinking….? If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, #13 will come as no surprise to you 🙂

Check out the list and see which of these jump out at you – perhaps there is one (or several!) that you could start practicing TODAY in your life to enjoy a life filled with more happiness!

Here Are The Twelve Habits Suggested By The Article

 (Plus my personal addition at the end!)

1. Express gratitude: Appreciating what you DO have helps you VALUE those things even more. It also helps you “want” less (no easy feat in this material-driven world). Being happy is related to being thankful for the great things we already have in life.

2. Cultivate optimism: Do you see the bright side of situations? Optimism helps you see the world as a place of opportunity — even when times are tough. Optimism and positivity are also good for your health!

3. Avoid over-thinking and social comparison: Don’t compare yourself to others; this never ends well. And think about it – the world would be pretty boring if we were all the same.  Instead, compare yourself to the person you USED to be. Strive to be the best version of YOU.

4. Practice acts of kindness: Selflessness and helping others are very powerful ways to feel good inside, leading to more happiness.

5. Nurture social relationships: Do you have any deep, meaningful relationships? The happiest people are found to have these strong bonds.

6. Develop strategies for coping: Knowing, practicing and having healthy coping strategies on hand can help you respond to stressful and tough situations.

7. Learn to forgive: Harboring hateful feelings is hard on you – mentally and physically. Grudges mostly hurt yourself. Instead, learn to let things go and feel how refreshing forgiveness can be.

8. Increase flow experiences: A “flow experience” is one in which you feel like time stands still. An activity or hobby that you get so focused and lost in that nothing distracts you and you enjoy the present moment completely. What types of activities do you notice this with? Get lost in the moment!

9. Savor life’s joys: Slow down. Enjoy the ride. What finish line are we rushing towards? I would hate to review my life from my death bed realizing I rushed through life without savoring the wonderful moments. Find joy in the littlest of things. Need inspiration? Go hang out with a toddler. They are GREAT at this 🙂

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10. Commit to your goals: Do you have dreams? Goals? Aspirations? Commit to them, or even just one of them! Make a plan, set a due date and get inspired. But mostly… Just start. Dr. Brian tells me this all the time when he notices me feeling overwhelmed or unorganized. “Just start.” It’s amazing the level of calm those two words bring me. I say it to myself all the time now.

11. Practice spirituality: We are spiritual beings living in a physical world. When we get in touch with our spirituality or religion, we are humbled and recognize that life is much bigger than us. This is good for our egos, and great for our happiness.

12. Take care of your body: Keeping your health is very important for happiness. It’s hard to feel happy when you feel sick, crummy, or worn down. Taking care of your body is vital to living life in a happier frame of mind. And think of this: we can’t take care of our loved ones and share our happiness with them if we don’t first practice self-care.

13. Get adjusted: This is a sub component of #12, I know… But there are people out there who haven’t realized what an asset a tuned-up and turned-on nervous system is for their overall mood, health, and function. There is a reason our office is filled with happy, positive people everyday!

So what jumped out at you? Anything you’re going to try to implement right away? Let us know if you are ready to include chiropractic in your routine! Email us, or give us a call at 970-232-9258.



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